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Monday, September 29, 2014

The Pipeline

This summer has been one big pile of stress and mess, and now that it's fall and I don't have so much of the heat and light beating down on me, I'm starting to unwind and get back on track. Again. I'm pretty sure the whole act of being a writer is the story of constantly getting back on track.

This morning, I replanned EMBER because I realized that even though I was writing a trilogy, it was actually one very long story, and I had to have a plan for it. I'm still not really a planner, but vague guidance is better than none at all. And Ember keeps slipping out of my grip and going wandering in the wilds, so it needs guidance.

I also set up the vague chapter outline of THE SOUND OF BIRDS SINGING, which is going to be this year's NaNoWriMo project. Last year's project, BEACON, turned out to be, like, half or less of the actual story I was trying to tell, and so it's still in revisions; I keep hitting horrible snarls that happened because I was writing really quickly without thinking about it much and skipping over a lot of stuff. I'm hoping this year's guidelines are clearer so that I don't get into that sort of a mess again, because damn, that's hard. Like, revisions are hard enough anyway, and then to find out while doing them that you haven't actually written two thirds of the story yet? Terrible. But I think it's going to be so good when it's done.

MARRIED TO THE WIND is still looking for a home. The longer it sits here, finished but unpublished, though, the more I think maybe I should go back and noodle with it some more...which is a very dangerous line of thought, because I have other stories that need doing.

Sometime next month, I'm going to launch the first of a series of prompt books called DIVISION OF MUSE RELATIONS. This one is all Fantasy-themed prompts, and I'll be selling it through Gumroad by way of the link up there in the top bar that says SHOP. I'm currently figuring out how to format a pdf so that it looks like a professional book, and I'm deciding on a cover that doesn't look cheesy or cheap. 
Each of these little ebooks will be 100 ideas for starting stories, and I'll price them cheaply so that everyone can get a copy. And I'd love to see the sorts of stories that happen because of this pile of sparks I'm handing out!

Also today, I decided that another story that's been sitting in my head for a while is not, after all, a novel. It's a comic book. And that's all I can say about that right now.

Next up, I'm figuring out what even I'm trying to do with the current new novel, the first in the Drae'Nati series, which is currently unnamed because I had a perfect name for it and can't remember where I wrote it down. That's a big one, probably maybe five books covering at least one generation on this planet, and is probably actually soft-scifi, which is a nice change.

What're you working on?


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