Hello there, writerly friends~ ♥︎

I have been running this advice blog for a long while now, and although I've answered tons of questions and made tons of resources for writers, I think that there is something very important that I have not really touched on… and that is that every writer, regardless of experience or age, has the ability to inspire others.

I mean it.

Writing is such a fluid medium— every writer can find their own way to tell stories. This is the freedom of writing. That is why I want to give my fellow writerly friends (that's you!) a chance to voice their thoughts and advice, so that countless others can be inspired :D

How can we go about doing this? Take a few minutes, and consider the following question:

What is the one piece of advice you wish you would've known when you first got started writing?

And then write down your answer! You can reply to this post, reblog it with your thoughts, or you can drop it on my askbox!

Over the next couple of days I will gather the advice and I will make an awesome post (sourcing each of you correctly and linking back to your blogs, of course) and I will post it here for everyone to see! Imagine this as a nexus— a fountain of inspiration, if you may, and a clear reminder that each and every one of you can inspire others to write!

Let's make something awesome, together~ ♥︎

Oh, jeeze, one piece of advice?

Keep going—like, it’s easy to start a story, and if you’re really into it, it’s also easy to get right into the middle of a story, but then it gets hard and that’s when it gets easy to just…wander off. To start another story, and another. But if you power through, if you just commit to keep going, regardless of what you think of it in the moment, then you’ll have a finished story instead of a whole bunch of fragments. And when you have a finished story, even if it’s missing parts and doesn’t make sense and you still hate the end, you have something to edit, and it’s editing and revising that makes a story great.

For good measure, here’s a few more:

  • Write every day, even if it’s only one page, even if you hate it, even if you have to do it one sentence at a time in between other things.
  • When you’re done with the day’s writing, write three things you intended to do next, even if you don’t actually do them, so you don’t have to look at the blank page and not know what to do next.
  • Plan a story when you get to the middle, not at the beginning, so it can be wild and free and exciting before it all has to come together.
  • Who cares if the story has already been told? It hasn’t been told by you.
  • Give a finished story a month of totally ignoring it and working on something else before you go back to revise, so you’re fresh and a little separate from it.
  • Have side projects, always, but don’t work on them until you’ve done your day’s work on the main one.
  • When you finish, start writing something else.
  • Write about what you don’t know, and figure it out as you go.

What advice would you, my followers, add?