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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Authors' Blogs I like to read

Personally, I like to know which authors other authors read, how they do what they do, and what they think about the whole Writing Thing, and their blogs are a good way to get to know that sort of thing. So in case you're wondering who I read, here's my favorite ones:

Robin McKinley
I love so many of this woman's books. They're infused into my psyche, and I clamor for more whenever she says one's coming out. And I love her blog. She doesn't talk about writing much, but she talks about all these little absurdities and wonderful moments in a writer's life--and about crazy dogs, and roses, and weather, and singing, and ringing churchbells, and the oddities of living in old English towns. She's just so neat. And her blog is why mine is full of itallics and footnotes.

Neil Gaiman (also on Tumblr here)
Another one who's books often chart at the top of my favorites lists. And sort of a rockstar among writers, which means there's always something good going on either on his blog or his tumblr. And he's always really open with his readers, answering questions and giving advice, which is something that I'd love to encourage among my readers!

I got to meet this man for one blushing minute while he signed a book for me, and I still love him.

John Green (also on YouTube here)
This is a weird thing, because I've actually read not much of this wonderful man's work. I liked what I have read, and I have more sitting on my Kindle waiting, but I haven't gotten to it yet (sorry!). But I've been following his tumblr and his (and his brother's) YouTube exploits in a sort of haphazard watch-a-lot-of-it-all-at-once way, and he's brilliant. He's funny, charming, smart, subversive, he gets points across without being didactic, he's really invested in making the world better and making people less dumb, and it's like he plugs right into my ideal view of the world. So worth a read.

Also, he's super-quotable, which I always like in a writer.

Cassandra Clare
More books that I just love. As long as they're good, I hope she writes a million of them, and in the meantime, I like her blog. She has a really close relationship with her fans, she answers questions, she defends writing, and when she gets into fights, she's clever, articulate and reasonable in a way I don't think I could be, so I'll let her say it all.

PC Hodgell
More wonderful books! These are harder to find because they're published by several different people and in different editions (which bugs me, because it means my set doesn't match, but I'm happy they're still around!), and I've found only a few people who have read them, but they're so good. On her blog, which is miraculously still active on LJ, she talks books, writing, being a writer, but mostly she talks fish and horses and worldbuilding and other things about her life. I like a blog that does that. Maybe I'll merge this one with my lifeblog one day...

So that's the main group! There's other blogs I flit to and from, but these are the ones I come back to a lot. Who do you read? Share in the comments, because we're always looking for new writers to read, aren't we?


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