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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Weekly Promo Post and Reader Link Party - Week 28, 2013

Hello! How has your week been? Mine was the first week back to TV reviewing!

The list of August Shows I'm interested in:
Wow, a new season of TV already! There are literally dozens of shows starting between now and November, but for the sake of this column, here's what we're most excited about:

On the 12th Doctor:
We now know that he's Scottish, he's been on the show before (much like Karen Gillan, and in the same episode), he's been a fan all his life, he's the second Peter to be Doctor, and he seems to be a nice man.

Broadchurch episode 1
I didn't really know what to expect coming into this first episode of a crime drama about a kid who dies mysteriously in a small town, but what I got was a gorgeously-shot first episode full of tension and mystery that sets up a whole lot of information in a single episode.

Hell On Wheels episode 1-2
In this two-hour premier that is actually two different episodes, we rejoin Mr Bo-Hannon looking like a Cromagnon newly arrived in an iceage, and find that he's been living in the burned out husk of his fancy train car, even though there's no roof and it's approximately sevenhundred below freezing and he's close enough to death that he's hallucinating about his ol' dead pal from the army trying to get him to come visit.

The White Queen episode 1
The latest in a growing line of dramatized historical pieces, this one is based on the book of the same title by Phillipa Gregory, and it looks like it's off to a great start. 

And because of a quirk of programming and an actor with the same name as me, I'm now on IMDB! I'll be figuring out how to add pictures and credits to the page soon!

What've you been doing this week? Link up in the link party here (just click on that little blue button there), and we'll make a weekly promo page for everyone! And below in the comments, I want to start having a weekly open-forum: talk about whatever you want, readers mine, this space is for you!


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