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Monday, July 22, 2013

How To Write - Angela Booth's Writing Blog: Non-Stop Writing: the Index Card Trick

Angela Booth's Writing Blog: Non-Stop Writing: the Index Card Trick:

Ms Booth says she uses index cards to write down everything that occurs to her when she's away from her desk--ideas, notes on a current project, research stuff, etc. Personally, I prefer post-it notes; you can later stick them into your journal or to your wall or whatever, and they take up less space than a stack of index cards, but I think the shape of this idea is a good one. A small way to keep your mind working on the problems of your writing, and to apply the idea of a writer's journal to your life.

But the best idea here is the one that's sort of off-hand: the idea that writing is a non-stop process. It's not something that you do nonstop, it's something that happens all the time, even when you aren't actively putting words on the page. I think  once you think of it that way, it all makes sense, the notebooks, the scraps of paper, the writing process, all of it.

What do you keep notes on?

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