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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday - Things Wrong With Microsoft Word

  1. Compatibility--They claim it's compatible with everyone, but it's really not. It's not even really compatible with itself, as evidenced by how many times I've set the formatting exactly how I want it, then sent it off to someone else who has opened it without changing the formatting, then sent it back just for me to find that the formatting is a mess now. It's way worse if the other person (or even if I've done it myself) has opened it in Open Office, or, gods forbid, any sort of online word processor.
  2. Clunkiness--It's a huge program. It bogs down my new machine after a few hours of work, and it was enough to totally immobilize my old machine even if it was the only program open.
  3. Why the hell is Calibri 11pt font the default for this program most used by writers, when Standard Manuscript Format is Times New Roman 12pt????
  4. Widow and Orphan Control--I shouldn't have to switch it off every single time, even after I've told it to save as a new default, just to keep my lines and pages even. Seriously.
  5. There really needs to be a way to filter comments in Review. I mean, what if I'm editing only a specific subject at any point, and I want to look at only comments having to do with that one thing?
  6. It's totally unfair that it comes preinstalled on your computer, but you have to PAY to get the useful features--like Track Changes. Or any of the editing ones.
  7. It's also unfair that you have to buy the (already exorbitantly priced) whole mess and can't pick and choose the uses and options that you will actually use.
  8. It's also ridiculous that with the millions of options available, there's still not ones that I actually need sometimes, and that to get those, I have to buy some other desktop publishing software that is also clunky and awkward and overpriced.
  9. Why does the MS Word for other OSs and Mobile work differently and display differently, even though they're all made by the same company and are meant to be interchangable? It comes back to the formatting thing again: there HAS GOT TO BE a better way to do formatting so that it doesn't get all messed up if I look at it wrong.
  10. How did Word manage to be the standard when there are other programs that work much cleaner and take up much less HDD space?


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