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Monday, June 24, 2013

Movie Review - Warm Bodies

I read this book a while ago and didn't review it because of Busy, but we recently got to see the movie. Twice. In one weekend. Short review: It's sweet, funny, sad, charming, and somehow manages to make zombies fucking adorable.

The movie is short--about an hour and a half long. Normally, that'd be a sign of a bad movie, something without much to offer, but this was a pretty short book and when you watch the movie, there isn't ever the feel that you're being skimped. They did entirely remove the Boney's secondary storyline as the ones who enforce whatever culture the zombies have, which means we also never met R's 'wife' or saw her wander off and 'marry' someone else, and we never got the explanation that those two kids who keep popping up are his, assigned by the Boneys so he can teach them how to be dead.

We also got less time in the airport, so we got less of M.

None of this shorts the story, really. If I hadn't read the book not long ago, I wouldn't even have noticed this stuff. What we do get is a fun series of scenes at the beginning where we meet everyone, where Perry dies, and where R wins over Julie--and she doesn't automatically hate him, so it does something that changes the world, it starts healing people.

I think that this is the part of the book the movie gets perfect: the idea that love changes everything and keeps us human. It's a crazy-sentimental plot point, and the movie never gets really squishy about it--probably because love also causes a lot of anxiety and pain and sadness, and the movie captures all of that beautifully. Really, it's just generally a beautiful movie. Makeup walked the line between making the zombies look really gross and scary, and keeping them human enough that we could like them, and the acting matches perfectly with that. The world is amazingly post-apocalyptic, and though they trimmed some of the unrelenting sadness in the middle of the book, we get enough empty houses and leftover bits of lives and flashbacks to better things that we can see what it was like--and what it's like now--and draw our own conclusions on the sadness of it.

The stuff they changed was a little annoying at first--like how Nora is no longer an amazonian black woman, and how they didn't go into the flashbacks and R's sort-of addiction to them, or that time in the city where he ate that guy--but in the end, they didn't much matter. The movie captured the heart of the book and the main plot points, and presented them well, with what is probably the best voice-over narration I've heard in a really long time. R is amazing inside his head, and there's so much emotion in his face that even when he couldn't talk in the beginning, he's immediately likable. Which is necessary for us to buy the love story. Combined with Julie's understanding that Perry was done with the world and her spunky resistance to the dread and dispair, it's a love you can root for, and that's exactly what was needed to pull this thing off.

Bonus stuff:
- The brainmatter was gross. I want to know what it's made of, but the special features don't say.
- Nick Hoult is kind of amazing, and makes me feel like a dirty old lady for thinking he's so cute.
- Nora is a badass. Most of her badassery and a potential love story of her own got cut for pacing from the final, but you can see all of those scenes in the deleted scenes on the DVD, so I'm gonna just say that they're still there. Actually, a lot of the stuff that was cut from the plot of the book is in the deleted scenes, which just proves that you can't translate a book directly into a movie and expect it to watch like a movie.
- Why don't we have more ZombComs? Why wasn't this movie more popular? It's lovely! And it could have taken the whole zombie-movie thing that's starting to feel old in a new direction.

- Gifs from http://thingsilove747.tumblr.com/post/52918876762 and http://carstairs.tumblr.com/post/52648715502/love-makes-us-human


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