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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday - Things I Love In A Book

  1. Interesting characters - not to be vague, but I know them when I see them. They're usually the ones that are different, have neat ways of thinking, can do things others can't do, have interesting paths to take.
  2. A really cool magic system that makes sense with itself and its world, and is different from other systems in similar books.
  3. Magic or technology that has a real, visceral price for use.
  4. Really well-drawn and detailed worlds.
  5. Girls Who Do Stuff, and aren't particularly saddled by the fact that they're good looking or that all the guys want them, or any need to be sexy all the time. Girls who do things because they need doing, not because they're girls, or because they're busy being boys.
  6. Mythology--either recognizable for the real world, or as real in the made-up world; I love me a myth, and if it turns out to be literal in unexpected ways, I'm even more there.
  7. Scope and scale--I like a story I can stretch out in.
  8. Experimentation with form and function that makes sense--being weird just to be weird does nothing for me, but reshaping boundaries in a thoughtful way will make me love you.
  9. Scope and scale that is contextualized on a the usual small human scale.
  10. Joyfulness--the idea that people in the world and the writer of the world both are capable of having fun, that not everything is terror and horror and angst, even if most of it is.


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