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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday - Super Dramatic Scenes For Jane and Lisbon Next Season

  1. Lisbon gets seriously hurt because of something Jane does, and he has to work through what that means, how he feels about it, and what he's going to do about it.
  2. Red John kidnaps Lisbon in an attempt to usr her to make Jane do something, and Jane has to save her because he promised. When he does, all he can do is hold her.
  3. Jane goes too far and Lisbon just can't back him up. When he gets in over his head, they both see how much they depend on each other, and its up to him to make it up to her.
  4. They have a deep, emotional talk about something other than Red John, something personal. Lisbon feels daring and squeezes his hand; when she cries, she doesn't choke it back or send him away, and he can't handle a crying Lisbon and gets sweet and funny to cheer her up.
  5. They have a fight over a case and he storms off on his own. She's as miserable as she was when he was gone for six months. Something external brings them back together, and she's the one who impulsively hugs this time.
  6. He helps her with a personal crisis, and at the end of the ep, she kisses his cheek quickly and runs away. He is far more affected than he wants to admit.
  7. They get drunk at a group party and he takes her home and puts her to bed. She asks him to stay until she's asleep, and he does, and just before she's out, she tells him he's to hard on himself and she knows he's a good man. He doesn't know what to do with that.
  8. They have to go undercover as a married couple and realize they both liked it.
  9. He gets to face down Red John, but RJ makes him choose between revenge and Lisbon, and he just can't sacrifice her like that. RJ gets away and Jane is wildly conflicted and now RJ is personal for her, too.
  10. Lisbon questions whether she's even doing any good at all and takes some leave to sort it out--and then announces that she isn't coming back. Jane has to find her and convince her she's doing good work, and the talk is just for them, with all the subtext in the world.


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