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Monday, May 20, 2013

Prompts - From Language Is A Virus

I was looking for a writing counter the other week and I found this website, and since it has a writing prompt generator, I decided to hit the refresh five times and see what we can get!

Here goes!

  1. Attempt to write about jobs and how they affect the writing of poetry.
  2. Experiment with every traditional form, so as to know it.
  3. Do experiments with sensory memory: record all sense images that remain from breakfast, study which senses engage you, escape you.
  4. The uses of journals. Keep a journal that is restricted to one set of ideas, for instance, a food or dream journal, a journal that is only written in when it is raining, a journal of ideas about writing, a weather journal. Remember that journals do not have to involve "good" writing-they are to be made use of. Simple one-line entries like "No snow today" can be inspiring later.
  5. Attempt to eliminate all connotation from a piece of writing and vice versa.
That last one? I'll let you decide what that means...

If you use any of these prompts somewhere public, share the link in the comments!


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