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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Poem a day May - 8

I remember your voice
In the foggy recesses of my first memories
Telling me of the stars before I was big enough
To see over the kitchen table,
Let alone into deepest, mysterious space.
You died before I could contrive
To find you in your scholarly halls
Or how to het around my lack of mathematical understanding
To het into your classes--
But when I think back on those years
All the pages and stars and worlds
You gave me
I'm full of gratitude that you were there
Even for the short time you overlapped when I was here
And I could be born into a world
Where you were the one who taught me
I'm star stuff, I'm a wonder, I matter
And the universe is unfolding layers of beauty
All around me
I wouldn't have seen but for you.


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