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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday Writing Advice: Learn what you always do so you can stop doing it

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In order to tighten up and strengthen your writing, you have to learn what you always do--all those things that don't help and need to be cleaned up. For instance, I'm prone to all of these:
  • Run-on sentences
  • Strings of metaphors and similes without a chance to take a brain-breath
  • The word 'something'--it crops up everywhere
  • The typo 'abou tit'
  • British spellings sometimes, American other times
  • Rampant capitalization
  • Strings of questions without answers
It's rough, but you have to pay attention to these things. Not doing so makes your story weaker, maybe even annoying--and annoying is the last thing you want when publication depends on someone liking your work! After two and a half years of having lots of other people look at my stuff, I know that these things are there, and I know that I tend to miss them in copy-editing. Which means I need to devote the time to look for these things specifically when I'm editing and revising, so that I can catch them and clean them up and therefore improve the work.

What're your quirks? What do you always have to look for?


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