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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday Words

This is part of a weekly attempt to get more words out there in the world! Click the tag to get more!
  • Otiose - Idle, redundant, serving no useful purpose, sterile, fruitless. From the classical Latin ōtiōsus = ineffectual, superfluous, unemployed, at leisure. 
  • Peccable - Capable of or liable to sin; also fallible, flawed, imperfect. The opposite of impeccable so a little odd, perhaps, that we don't use it more. 
  • Fantast - In common usage a dreamer; visionary; or flighty, impulsive person. From medieval Latin phantasta which, in turn, comes from the Greek meaning ''an ostentatious, boastful person''. A second, rarer meaning identified by the OED: ''A fantastic writer; one who aims for eccentricity of style''
  • Tarradiddle - A taradiddle (alternative spelling) is a silly lie or ''fib'' as a noun or the act of creating the same as a verb. In more modern usage, it also refers to pretentious, empty talk or senseless, unproductive activity 
  • Effulgent - ''resplendent, shining forth brilliantly, radiant''

This week's words come from: http://www.quora.com/Words/What-are-some-great-underused-words


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