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Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Prompts: 9-10-12

Let's start the week with some prompts, shall we? Click the tag for more!

  • A mysterious box arrives at someone's house. They didn't order anything and there's no return address. What's in it, and what does it do to their life?
  • Answer the question: What do cats see when they see things people can't?
  • Sixteen strange monuments appear. What does it mean? Where are they from? What are the consequences of their arrival?
  • Remember back to the first time you read a book on your own. Tell that story. What book was it? Why were you reading it? What were your first reactions?
  • Write something involving all these words: Summer, Watermelon, Beach, Shuttle launch, Time
If you use any of these in a public post, add the link to the comments! We'll make a story-love-fest of it!


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