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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Links: 9-8-2012

ScienceDark Galaxies of the Early Universe Spotted For the First Time: Galaxies from before stars -- how awesome is that?

LifeStop Aging

Life: 10 Questions To Help You Stop Thinking and Start DOING

Food: Vintage Food Posters over on Two Men and a Little Farm -- ones that apply really well today, too!

HappinessGretchen Rubin's Happier At Home book giveaway!

LifeShould you combine your many passions or choose one? -- I love the decision-making help she gives here; I'm still on the fence whenever someone tells me not to combine, though she does say focus-and-then-add, which most of the other business advice doesn't say.

HappinessA French Weekend -- David Liebovitz always makes me want to visit France.

Organization: Stop procrastinating with Unscheduling

Happiness: Find 'comfort foods' for your mind

Happiness: We Are What We Remember

Life: Cultivate A Shrine


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