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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Linkery and Roundup

Lots of links this week! It's been a read-y sort of week.

Books: The Fierce Books Tour

Community: Salman Rushdie Honors Independent Bookstores

Book Lust: Crown of Embers and Girl of Fire and Thorns

Adaptation: Word & Film's Hand Picked Feast of 11 Fortifying Films

Writing: How To Be A Writer: 210 Tips from Write to Done

Genre: The Big Fang Theory

Genre-ish: The Narnias Among Us

Writing: How to Use Brain Science to Hook Readers (with Lisa Cron)

Writing: Fifty Shades of Story vs "Well Written"

Writing: A Story Is An Interval In the Enchantment of Living

Writing: The Art and Craft of Story (with Victoria Mixon)

Writing: The Millionaire Author Mindset (with Stephanie Hale)

Marketing: How Writers and Authors Can Build and Email List

Writing: Build a Full Time Writing Career Slowly (with Lindsay Buroker)

Marketing: How to Sell Books With Social Media

Writing / Genre: The Omniscient Breasts by Kate Elliott

Writing: The Best Writing Advice I've Gotten Lately

Writing: Chuck Wendig's rules to live by

Being a Writer: Time and the Non-Fulltime Writer

Genre: Twelve Great Science Fiction War Stories

Genre: A Visual History of the Best Professional Artist Hugo Award Winners

Literature: The New York Public Library to Open a Charles Dickens Exhibit

Authors / Genre: A Conversation With Cory Doctorow and Charles Stross

Books: New Study: 55% of YA Books Bought by Adults

BooksOn Demand to Roll Out More Than 100,000 Book Machines Through Kodak and ReaderLink

Books / Literature: Nine Unfinished Books By Great Writers

Books: What Kind of Reader Are You? (and an update Here)


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