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Friday, September 7, 2012

Five (plus one) Questions: David Day

Today we have the charming David L Day!
Name: David L. Day

Website / Blog / Twitter / Whatever:
     Website: http://www.davidlday.com
     Twitter: http://twitter.com/dday376
     Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/author.davidlday

David L. Day is a 2011 graduate of Seton Hill's Writing Popular Fiction Master's program. He also holds a BA in Creative Writing and an MBA from Ohio University. He has been published in Necrotic Tissue magazine and is an Affiliate Member of the Horror Writers Association. His debut horror novel, Tearstone, is scheduled for release by Belfire Press (www.belfirepress.com) in February 2013. David and his wife live in the Columbus, Ohio area with two energetic sons, two suspiciously quiet cats, and an incredibly loyal dog.

Current Project:
Working Title: The Galvanized Man

An apocalypse fails. Technology stagnates. Civilization hides in walled cities. Three cults war for control. Our hero, Victoria Cliffborn, is devastated by her father's death. Her quest for a way to bring her father back becomes the key to one cult leader's plan for tearing apart reality. Will she resurrect her father and sacrifice humanity's sanity? Perhaps.

When did you first start thinking of writing as a viable career, rather than a hobby?
Oh hell, I have no idea. Somewhere between watching B horror movies, reading anything I could get my hands on, drinking double shots of Jaegermeister, and scribbling poetry I decided to be a writer. Wait, was that last week?

Okay, seriously, it's kind of a long answer. I loved my undergraduate work and did very well, but my program failed to address some of the practical aspects of creative writing--you know, things like how to make money. I spent a couple of years after graduation trying to learn the business on my own but I just couldn't figure it out. I eventually gave up, probably from a combination of frustration, feeling overwhelmingly ignorant about how to get published, and becoming a little too comfortable from earning good money at the day job. Oh, and the Jaegermeister.

Flip the calendar. Okay, keep flipping. Yeah, flip one more year there. Good.

Around the time of my first son's birth, I started to reflect on what it means to be a good parent. I'd been writing on and off my whole life, even after getting a day job, but knowing I would soon be a role-model for a fresh human being made me consider what kind of example my life would set. At some point my kids would recognize I gave up on something I loved before putting in my due diligence. That was not the example I wanted to set. I love writing. I asked myself why I gave up the first time. As you can see above I had answers, but no good reasons.

Do you keep a writing schedule?
Yes. I get up every morning--okay, almost every morning--around 4 AM. I write or work on writing-related stuff until around 7 AM. I experimented with a couple of different schedules, including writing after the kids were in bed and writing over lunch breaks, and I found that too often things would happen during the day which really drained my creative energy. I also found that by putting my time and energy into writing first, I tend to be in a better mood throughout the day. I no longer stress over whether I'll have the energy to write if and when I get the time. What's most interesting is that even a tough morning of writing--you know, the kind where you spend hours staring at a blank page--still left me plenty of energy for my family and my job. Finding the right writing schedule is about finding a balance of time, but more importantly for me it's about finding a balance of energy. And I would never drink Jaegermeister in the morning. Well, almost never.

What does your ideal writing life look like?
I would continue to get up early. There's an eerie silence in my house during the early morning I can't find any other time of day. I would probably work part-time at a bookstore and/or volunteer at the library. I value my alone time but I also need to be around a variety of people to replenish my creativity. I would keep a normal rhythm in my life because regularity frees my imagination up for writing.

I bet you were expecting a Jaegermeister reference here.

What book outside your usual genre would you like to write?
I read a lot of speculative fiction, but I have also read a decent amount on ancient architecture. I'd like to put together an in-depth survey of mysterious buildings and sites around the world, from the well-known Great Pyramid of Giza to the often-overlooked Coral Castle. For me, the wealth of mysterious structures around the globe provide a very tangible sense of awe available nowhere else. Try standing at the top of Kukulkan's Pyramid in Chichen Itza without feeling wonder and amazement. I dare ya.

Let me put it another way. I'd love an excuse to travel around the world, take some killer photos, and write about weird places.
...while drinking beer.
...in shorts.
...okay, nix the shorts and add Jaegermeister.

What is one piece of advice you wish someone would have told you sooner?
Go out and start doing things you enjoy. Those you suck at treat as hobbies. Figure out how to make money from the things you love and do well. By the way, you can't make a living drinking Jaegermeister.

And the Plus One:
What is one question you wish someone would ask but no one has, and what's the answer?

I have two.

Should you see a doctor about your Jaegermeister obsession?
Only if he's buying.

Why did you trade a promising academic career in advanced mathematics for creative writing?
Sometime toward the end of my freshman year mathematics no longer stirred my imagination. I stopped loving numbers, but I always loved stories. I always will.

Thanks so much, David! I really like your advice on doing stuff you love--and gleefully doing stuff you suck at anyway, just because you love them!

If you're a writer and would like to be featured on Five (plus one) Questions, contact me at pirategirljack at gmail dot com and we'll see what we can do!


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