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Friday, September 28, 2012

Five (plus one) Questions - Christina Thuerwachter

And now we have the lovely Christina Thuerwachter, popular science writer and the first non-fiction writer to grace this blog!

Name: Christina Thuerwachter

Genre: Popular Science

Blog / Twitter / Facebook / Instagram or etc:

Christina is a self-proclaimed science nerd who has a passion for learning about the phenomenal complexities of the human body, particularly its interactions with microorganisms. She is also a chronic doodler, having suffered through years of PowerPoint presentations in order to acquire her general scientific knowledge. By sharing her biomedical inspired doodles and sassy science explanations, she hopes to teach people news about health and medicine without making them fall asleep. In her spare time, she enjoys crocheting, following style blogs, and spending time with her spectacular fiancé.

Publications & Links if you like: I’m still waiting for my first big break into the land of popular science.

Current Project: Blogging and doodling about important health topics and fun medical facts on Your Graphic Health.

What is your favorite word, and why?
Onomatopoeia: I like the way it sounds, its definition, and how fun it is to say. It also reminds me of my 6th grade teacher who was one of my first great writing influences. She taught our class how to spell onomatopoeia by singing the letters to the tune of Old McDonald Had a Farm. Also, it sounds like the name of an insect or a disease so I can’t help but find it appealing.

If you lived in a known fictional world, which would it be and what would you do there?
I’m currently playing in my first Dungeons & Dragons campaign. My character is a wizard, which seems a fitting fictional role for me. As a wizard, I’d travel through kingdoms and forests using my powers for good – you know, vaccinating people against zombie attacks and healing them from brain eating worms and noxious gas exposure.

If you could go anywhere, all expenses paid, on a research trip, where would you go and what would you write about it?
So many options! To begin, I’d have to go to Philly to visit the Mutter Museum, which calls itself “America’s finest museum of medical history”. I’d spend days studying the 20,000 anatomical specimens and myriad maladies. Undoubtedly, this would provide endless inspiration for blogs posts and spark further curiosity for researching disease processes.

Could you recommend three excellent short stories for our readers?
I suspect most readers would like recommendations for some science fiction short stories. Admittedly, though I’ve been trying to expand my reading genre, I read much more science non-fiction than science fiction. I can recommend three short science non-fiction books/articles that surely can provide the foundation for scintillating science fiction plots:

The dreaded question: Where do you get your ideas?
I regularly follow health and medical news sources to keep track of current research. I also work at a medical office by day, which provides me with exposure to various health topics. My ideas for blog posts are mainly generated from concepts that fall into one of two categories:

1) News about health and medicine that I am inspired to explain to the general public in friendlier, evidence-based ways. Often these topics have become controversial and the science behind the health claims has become clouded by opinion, exaggeration, or false advertising.

2) News about health and medicine that I find so fascinating I can’t help but try to impart my excitement on others.

And the plus one:
What is one question you wish someone would ask but no one has, and what is the answer?

- What motivates you to spend hours maintaining a blog that may or may not gain you much notoriety as a writer?

There is a risk that my blog will vanish into a blogosphere black hole, but that’s a risk I’m willing to take. By starting Your Graphic Health, I am showcasing the writing I am passionate about: explaining health related topics to a wide audience in ways that are evidence-based and educational while incorporating wit, sarcasm, references to popular culture and real life issues. I think I have something unique to offer through my writing. And, if nobody but my friends and family read my blog, I’ll at least be honing my skills and further strengthening my voice as a writer.

Thank you so much for playing along! I think there's all sorts of interesting ideas here, for fiction and non-fiction, and I'm so glad to have met you!

If you're a writer (of any sort!) and you'd like to be featured in Five (plus one) Questions, drop be a line and I'll see what I can do!


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