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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Worksheet Wednesday - Cashew Creations had a shop update!

I'm going to be making several shop updates this month, since December is when everyone starts finalizing what they're doing in the planners and journals for the new year, and here's the first CashewCreations shop update of the month!

We have, all for 1$ a page:
  1. Four different kinds of trackers, mostly for self-care when it's hard
  2. A year-at-a-glance blog post tracker, either for setting up patterns and recurring posts, or for recording what you did post (or maybe for tracking how the posts do?)
  3. A three-month-at-a-glance book review calendar--you fill in which three months, so you can start at any time, and then there's space for a book or two every day!
  4. A 2017 future log for keeping track of upcoming dates
  5. A way to track who you've asked to be on your show, whether it's TV, podcast, Youtube, whatever! Could probably also be used for guest bloggers?? Go crazy, guys!
  6. A one-page life upkeep thing: thirteen categories that I think make a good life, with a little space to make a goal for that thing on that day, or record what you did in that category on that day
Coming up later in the month will be more planner pages, some goal-setting pages, more random nerdy things I think of as I go! If you have pages you'd like to see designed, drop a line, and I'll see what I can do!

I also updated the Freebie Library with a new printable - 100 Lists For Your Journal - and all the worksheets from my old blog, Makeshift Surfaces! You can access it by signing up for my email list here:


- Sooner or later, I'm going to make a whole planning workbook of my own! I hope that these semi-random scattered pages are helpful to people in the meantime!

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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Assignment: Put your wants onto post-its and collect them

Funny thing about today's post: I'd already decided to write about the post-its thing detailed below, and then when I was reading today's Shine Text's related links, this pic above came up.


So lately, while I try to sort out my life**, I've been doing this thing that I think can help more people than just me.

I'm always walking around with this inner monologue about myself, my life, my meaning, and how I can be a better person and a more authentic self in the world. I'm building everything on this idea that I can be who I am, finally, instead of trying to be something I'm not, and that brings up a lot of "I want..." statements. Nothing clarifies what you really want like not having anything you do want.

So I've been writing them down.

I can hold about three ideas in my head at a time before I start forgetting things, and coincidentally, with my handwriting, I can fit about three things on a post-it before I run out of space. So whenever I catch myself going I want, I write it down. Here's the one from this morning, for instance.

I figure, it doesn't matter how important or how practical or how vague the want is--it's a want. Whether it's "I want a Playstation" or "I want to start each day with earl grey tea and a croissant like Captain Picard" or "I want to make a real change in the world for the better", all of them are wants, and this isn't the time to rank them by value. This is the time to get them all into the world where I can see them, and see what sort of life might contain as many of them as possible.

I've been just sticking them into my planner-journal wherever there's a blank page, but I think after a while, when I have a bunch of them, I'll go back and move them or copy them into the handbook I'm slowly putting together for 2017. The same one where my goals and trackers are. Because since they're all wants, they're all things that I can be striving for, or their all signs of the sort of life I want to lead, or they're all facets of the actual me that's what I'm trying to be after years of disguising myself as normal.

What would be on your I WANT post-it today? How do you define and maintain the life you want to be a part of?

*Ever since I read The Celestine Prophesy in high school, I try to remember to look for moments when things line up conveniently. I don't know anymore how I feel about that book because HS what a long-ass time ago (omg so long) and I haven't re-read it since, but I do think that noticing when things line up is a peek into what our subconscious is doing.
**It's a lot of storting, after almost a decade of being passive, being depressed, and not knowing what I wanted out of life or what to do with myself. But that's a post for another time.

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Monday, December 5, 2016

The mixtape of my life

I like music. There's a definite type of music I like-- synthy darkwave or things that sound like it-- but there's also all sorts of not-that-type of music I like. Here's a bunch of it!

Embedding this was a pain in the butt, since Spotify seems to have removed the usual easy-embed function, and you might have to click through to the web-viewer to see all the songs, but I'm happy I have the playlist made now!

What's on your favs / life-playlist?

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

How about some Thursday Thoughts?

Okay, so I'm pretty sure #ThursdayThoughts is supposed to be about motivational quotes, but this week I'm going to use it as a chance to just talk about what's been on my mind. Feel free to do the same in the comments!

  1. Cliffhangers - I'm not good at leaving stories unfinished, and I know it's the job of a cliffhanger to keep you on the hook so you'll come back for the next episode, but this time of year, when all my shows are going off at once, it's killer. All these open stories, cut off at the worst time. It's eating up all my brainspace!
    1. Lucifer, especially. Like. How can they drop that bomb on us, have them almost kiss, and then just cut it off??
    2. Blindspot is a close second, though, because DAMN stuff got serious!
  2. The Holidays and the Start of The Year - It seems a little unfair that the biggest shopping days of the year also happen to be the days when I'm trying to figure out how to Plan and Improve next year. It's a lot of channel-changing in my head--How can I afford Christmas Gifts switching to What am I going to do next year.
    1. Also, related, the list of things I need to set up my calendar next year is getting kind of long and taking up a lot of space. And the changes I'm going to try for my weekly planning and reviewing...
  3. Cookies - There's recipes for them EVERYWHERE right now, and lots of them are ones I've never seen before. Like cake box cookies--cookies made from boxed cake mix! What?? I know!
  4. BOOKS - The library book sale is usually in December, but they've pushed it back to May this time, which means a) no books as gifts for everyone this Christmas and b) I have to wait five more months! But also c) I get them for my birthday instead. And I mean, I have stacks of books I haven't read yet from the last one, but BOOKS MAN.
  5. Star Wars Rogue One - I have to admit, I was a little leery about the idea of Disney buying Star Wars, but if it means we get a new SW story every year forever, I am SO ALRIGHT with it now. Episode 8 was so good, and Rogue One looks great, too. I can't wait!
Let's chat, guys. What's on your mind right now?

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A Dark Frost Moon card reading for the world

On the Dark and Full Moons, I do simple card readings for guidance and clarity and for something to mull on to help me think better during the next two weeks. Here's a public reading for the world.


Choice reversed means to look out for bad choices and the consequences of them, and to beware of new choices to be really sure you know what you're getting into and what you're choosing.

Light is just what it sounds like: Brightness, daytime, mental clarity, warmth, activity. Getting stuff done and learning things. Being out in the world. The warmth of day--which is scant going into the darkest part of the year and shouldn't be wasted. Light candles against the dark and work on maintaining a sunny attitude.

Dormancy is very appropriate for this time of year. Soon, everything in the northern hemisphere will be resting through winter, saving up strength for spring and summer. And people have cycles, too; are you sure you're getting enough rest? Don't burn out just because Light is another card.

Together, these cards talk about a balance between rest and activity, dark and light, and how the balance is up to you and what you choose. Be careful and be mindful.

- My Furiosa nail polish is still holding on after something like almost two weeks! I've been too sick lately to care about how chipped they're getting, but also, Furiosa is meant to not be clean and glossy, soooo.
- I started making collage art for these cards before I got sick and had two birthdays, a ship out, and a holiday in one week; I'll be getting back to them sometime this week or next week! Eventually, I'll have a pic for all the cards, and when I'm happy that they look like a unified set, I'll be able to scan and print them as real cards!

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Monday, November 28, 2016

Coping mechanisms and you!

Mondays are always hard for me. I take Sundays off, usually, barring scheduling issues*, to relax and unwind and not expect anything from myself and others. Sometimes I take a pampering day, if I feel really in need of it. I plan my week. I try to sleep so I can start the week off well, since Mondays are like the mornings of the week, and you've gotta start out well.

But last night, I had a very long and very emotional conversation with a very old friend--literally one of my oldest friends--who's been going through some stuff and saw that I've been going through and decided to share what he's learned. I made some Conclusions. I came to some Decisions.

And it's left me thinking about coping mechanisms.

Life is hard, you guys.

It's even harder when you've got mental imbalances to deal with.

I've got depression and anxiety, as seems to be about standard for my generation these days, and a whole lot of old wounds that trying to deal with the depression and anxiety keeps uncovering.**  One of the conclusions that I've come to recently with myself is that I used to have a bunch of support systems I no longer have, and I have developed coping mechanisms without really thinking about it, and some of them are crappy ones.

Brains are like that. I read something recently--I think in Dance of the Dissident Daughter by Sue Monk Kidd***--that said that when we're wounded emotionally, we react the same way as if it was a physical wound. We limp around it, and we can wind up all crooked and wobbly because of limping. It's super sucky to realize you're crooked and wobbly, you guys. but it's also super common and there's ways to deal with it.

Here's how I have been working on rebuilding myself.

Telling stories has always been a way that I handle almost everything. Writing is how I process things and how I think about things, and turning it all into stories lets me come at stuff sideways and use what's bothering me and build what I need. It's also one of the best and most fun things I do for creative expression, which helps me feel like a have a purpose and like I have something to offer the world.

Daily inspiration
For a long time, I've been looking for one to three quotes or affirmations every morning and writing them down in the corner of my daily page--that's today's page as the background of the header up top. But lately, I've also started sharing them, because if they're good for me, if they're exactly what I need to hear each day, maybe they're also what someone else needs to hear, too.


It keeps me centered early in the morning, it makes me deal with whatever is in my head, and it sort of offloads the burden of having to remember it on my own: the inspo remembers it and reminds me, and I can share it with others. Everyone needs something good to hear every day, I think.

(I'm also going to include here: I set maybe a dozen ongoing reminders throughout the day that remind me of what my ideal day looks like, so that I'm literally always looking at what I want my day to look like. At the very least, it reminds me to eat and take breaks; at the best, it reminds me to actually live my life.)

So much journaling. I started keeping sporadic diaries when I was 10 and my mom got me a little diary with a pretty cover and a page for every day of the year, but I never kept one consistently until I moved up here and had a lot of stuff to process. Holding it all in and bottling it all up just made me crushingly depressed and sort of like I'd lost myself; I didn't even know how bad I was until I started coming out of it.

But there were always notebooks. I started by just keeping a daily to-do list, and maybe a page of thoughts and complaints. I expanded into journaling prompts, then into Goal Setting Workbooks and Worksheets from all over the internet, then into Morning Pages, and now I've just started my 30th book since I moved to NC.

I track everything in them: how I'm feeling, what I'm thinking about, how well I'm keeping up with my expectations of myself, what my goals are and how I feel about them, my pain levels and sleep amounts and how much caffeine I'm taking in. Everything that I've figured out affects me and my ability to handle the world, I track. It's not pretty, it's not for the public, but it's working and it's better than denying everything and freaking out periodically.

There's all sorts of theraputic journaling prompts on the interwebs. Here's a few of them:

I print them up or copy them down or Pin them on Pinterest so I can always find the right prompts when I need them. Way easier than trying to start from scratch sometimes.

Both in the sense of making plans and in using a planner.

The problem with depression is that it tends to make it hard to remember things. Days blend together. Stuff you meant to do sort of floats off and happens days or weeks later, if at all. But a planner anchors stuff into a specific day. It shows evidence of each day passing, and what you did in it.

Some quick tips:

  1. Try different planner systems until you find one that works for you naturally, without having to force yourself, and without causing guilt or anxiety. I use a weekly and daily planner, I write everything down, even self-care and daily routine stuff, but I don't use hourly pages because they make me stressed out. I change up my weekly pages to keep it interesting (using a lot of RBP weekly printables taped into a regular planner over the pages that didn't work for me, actually).
  2. Keep your planner where you can see it. Open on your desk, next to your bed, in your hand at all times, whereever it takes to make sure you look at it and use it.
  3. When you're feeling really overwhelmed, set up your daily pages the night before so you wake up knowing what you want to do.
  4. Schedule / pencil in stuff you WANT to do and GET to do as well as stuff you HAVE to do, so that the schedule doesn't feel like an endless list of obligations. Remind yourself why you want to do it, too.
  5. Make notes about stuff you want to remember that happened each day or month or whatever works for you. I make quick notes in the calendars, and I keep a list of the best parts of each month, because I will definitely not remember them later. Also, make it pretty. Pretty things are easier to look at all the time.
And as for Planning:

  1. At the beginning of the year (or, usually and actually, in December the year before) I print up all my life goals workbooks from all over. Google "free life goals workbook printable" or something similar, and you'll get piles of them.
    1. My favs are Desire Map from Danielle Laporte, the Biz and Life workbooks from Leonie Dawson, the Dragontree Apothecary Dreambook, Monique's Visionary Planner, and Susannah Conway's Unraveling the Year book.****
  2. I go through slowly, assess the last year and decide what I want to change and continue and then make plans and break them down.
  3. I also break them down at the start of each quarter so I know what to think about for the next three months, and check in each month to make sure I'm keeping up with them.
  4. I've had to accept that I'm Slow AF at actually doing things; everything always takes longer than I think, and there's always days when I can't do anything because of my health. I move on, and I've given myself permission to just start over at any point when I need to.
  5. Figure out hacks for yourself. What makes your planner and your planning easier to use? Pinterest is FULL of good ideas; spend a day finding them and trying them out, and keep the ones thare are good. 
I've started doing a personal daily study to help me understand what's even going on with me. It's calming and enriching, and there's no pressure. One page from the Shine Text, one page from whatever insightful or helpful book I'm reading. School grounds me and giving myself school brings some of that grounding back.

Making an effort
After someone who was once like a sister to me died and I didn't even know she was sick, I realized that I'd been so wrapped up in myself that most of my friendships had dropped off. So now I have a list of people I love, who I want to keep touch with, and every few days, if I haven't heard from them, I send a text or a message or whatever and see how they're doing.

One just went back to school and is stressed. One is going through a bunch of stuff. One is starting a new business. One just moved to a new country. There's lots to talk about, and I don't want to lose them again. And they all know that I'm working through things and help me when they can. It's so great, you guys, to not feel alone anymore.

How do you cope? What are your coping mechanisms and support systems? What links and methods have been helpful for you? Let's share and talk about mental health in the comments!

*Like, for instance, this week, Sunday took over for Friday as shopping day, since Friday was Black Friday and ain't nobody wanna go regular grocery shopping when everyone else in the world is trying to buy the cheapest TV for something.
**Like what seems to be cPTSD from working retail for 15 years with no purpose and no joy. Like deep feelings of unjustice and being a broken misfit because of culture shock that I'm apparently not actually over. Like self-esteem issues and memory problems. Oh man, isn't psychology fun.
***These last two are from Mari McCarthy; sometimes she does guided journaling classes, and one of them is when I really started journaling with a purpose.
****This is an old link to the one for 2016 released in 2015, but the questions can apply to any year.

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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Holiday traditions

This week has be thinking about Family Holiday Traditions, as we eat all our leftovers and prep for Christmas. My family is not super-big on traditions, but we do have some, and there's others that I'd like to start up, I think.

We have:

  • We decorate with the same ornaments every year, though which specific ones will depend on what theme everyone picks; personally, I like a whimsical tree with all the ornaments I've inherited from everyone before me*
  • We open one present on Christmas Eve, then gather everyone together on Christmas Morning for the rest
  • There's a lot of food: We have a pretty set Thanksgiving dinner, we make spaghetti and chicken parm or Chicken fried steak for Christmas Eve, and we make a big Cuban dinner like grandma used to make for Christmas Day. New Years is usually another big dinner, with Midnight Mimosas. We almost always have a Cookie Day where we spend one whole day making All The Cookies.
When I lived on my own, we also had:
  • Going to the movies on Christmas Day after everything is opened and then cleaned up
  • Home made chicken and dumplings on New Years Eve or Day
  • Watching all the Christmas Specials from when we were kids, and then having a dinner of traditional lucky foods
  • Aveomas: like Christmas for people who work retail and don't get to enjoy Christmas because everyone who doesn't work retail isn't all that nice to everyone who does**. We'd make one present and buy one present, and it usually happened after the New Year when work went back to regular hours but we hadn't taken Christmas decorations down yet.
As someone who has mostly worked low-level service industry jobs, I've gotten this sort of shell-shock hangup about the holidays. Everything between Thanksgiving and New Years is alarming at best, and really upsetting at worst, because the sale-crazy makes everyone loud and mean and makes all the stores grabby and crowded. I don't like that, as an introvert or as a part of a community. Our insta-tradition of making one of the presents we gave to everyone was meant to combat that by making the holidays about personal things again, and that was nice, so when I'm on my own again, I think I'll add that back into my personal household traditions.

Also, I make sure to get a Pannetone*** for myself, or get someone to get it for me, because I love them and they're delicious and no one else likes them. But I think they taste exactly like Christmas and it's a tradition I hold with myself.

Some other traditions I like:
  • The Christmas Pickle-- Have you heard of this? I never did until I moved up here, but apparently there's this thing that some families do**** where you have a pickle-shaped ornament, and Christmas Eve the head of the household hides it somewhere on the tree, and then whoever finds it gets a special extra present. It's cute and fun.
  • I always like lighting candles. For any reason, really. And I have this vague memory of people in Europe when we lived there lighting candles around Christmas and New Years because it's the darkest part of the year, and it needs light. I like that idea. (related: some cultures light (or did light) bonfires in the middle of winter, and I like that, too.)
  • I want to plant a tree each year, to maybe make up for all the trees cut down and dragged inside, even if only symbolically. This will have to be planned ahead of time, since the middle of winter is not a great time for planting anything, but sooner or later, I'll get to it. And then probably have ornaments just for those trees, or some other thing to sort of honor them and welcome them.
  • I love how some countries shut down for the holidays. It gives more people a chance to actually enjoy them and celebrate them, instead of being worked to death in what's meant to be a family-togetherness time of year. That would take moving to a different country or founding a new one to incorporate, most likely, though...
What traditions do you have? And what traditions would you like to add? Whether you celebrate Christmas, Yule, Hanukkah or one of the twenty or so other holidays in December, let's talk holiday traditions!

- This post is inspired by the day 27 prompt on this list: http://www.helloneverland.com/blogging/write-on-november-blogging-prompts

*I got some from my mom and my childhood when I moved out, so that my first Christmas on my own wouldn't be without anything from my past, and after my grandma died, I got a few bundles of ones she'd made. I mix those with all the random birds^ I tend to get every year for myself.
^I effing love a fat Christmas bird ornament, you guys. There's so many birds on my personal tree every year.
**Be nice to the people helping you out, guys; "service" doesn't mean "servant" and it definitely doesn't mean "whipping boy for your angst and frustration"!
***It's technically an Italian fruitcake, but it's nothing like "fruitcake"--it's more like if a croissant and a nice egg bread had a baby, and it just happened to have chunks of candied fruit in it.
****It's supposedly German in origin, but I'm always finding posts and articles from Germans saying they've never heard of it, so I'm guessing it's either actually German-immigrant^^ or it's been attributed to Germans but someone else made it up. I don't really care, it's cute.
^^Like how corned beef and cabbage for St Patricks Day is apparently not actually Irish, but Irish-immigrant.

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Monday, November 21, 2016

November Seasonal Celebration Day

One of the things I do to keep myself connected to the world, is I schedule a day each month to celebrate the season. Like, the literal actual season, as it changes and as it stands here in this moment. I semi-arbitrarily set the day as the 21st since that'll be around the Solstices and keep things even as I go through the year, and that's today!

In the calendar inside my head, November is already winter, but in the reality of the world and where I live in it, it's barely felt like fall until today, to the point where the leaves barely changed in parts of town before the cold snap we're having now made a lot of them fall off almost overnight. But this exercise is about looking at the world and appreciating it how it is, regardless of what my inner calendar says it should be like, since the mis-match means I always feel...unaligned with reality.

So here's ten things I like about the fall I have in the place I live, right now, today:
  1. The fact that it's so mild means that we get to have a nice long fall, a good stretch of time between when the heat of summer finally breaks and before winter really sets in
  2. That particular sort of slanty yellow light that happens in fall, where it's warm and bright but not broiling
  3. I get to wear as many layers of sweater as I can manage to get on myself, and I flipping love a sweater
  4. All the warm drinks: tea, more than I drink during the summer*; cocoa; warmed up cider, which is all cheap in the grocery store right now; maybe even mulled wine if I'm feeling sassy**
  5. TV shows are settling into their storylines right now
  6. Everything smells like cinnamon and nutmeg, and suddenly everyone has warm, comforting foods everywhere***
  7. Thanksgiving is coming, and it's the only time we eat the family recipes**** that fill the table, so that they're special when we have them
  8. Crunchy leaves underfoot: CRUNCHY LEAVES
  9. The nights getting cold means I get to use lots of blankets AND Ninja gets super cuddly and crawls under the blanket with me; there's no heating pad as awesome as a purring cat trying to get warmed up
  10. The night sky is SO CLEAR all the time right now
What do you love about fall where you live? Share in the comments! Let's celebrate the season.

*One of my Lingering Britishisms from when we lived in the UK when I was a kid, is that I drink hot tea year round. But when it stops being equally as hot outside, it goes easily from one or two cups of tea a day to like five. Usually by the end of winter I have to switch to herbal or decaf to calm myself down!
**Best Mulled Wine: A bottle of cheap, fairly sweet table wine; a bottle of matching juice^; one orange sliced thin; maybe an apple or pear, also sliced thin; some nice spices--a stick of cinnamon, maybe three cloves, and a star anise, maybe a little grated nutmeg; some honey or brown sugar or some of that Mexican palm sugar chipped off and thrown in. Put it all in a non-reactive pot and simmer till it's all warm and blended. Drink up!
^Matching juice means, like, a red wine would get a red or purple juice--grape, a grape-blend, cranberry, cherry; a white would get white grape or white cranberry, or apple, or a blend along those lines.
***This is the season of chili, shepherds pie, my mom's Slivered Beef Stew recipe, Stroganoff, Chicken Perigord Style, goulash, all the good stuff me and my sister learned from my mom.
****Mom's candied yams, greenbean casserole, a whole roast turkey with butter under the skin, waldorf salad...mmmmm. Fall is so food-based for me.

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Sunday, November 20, 2016

ICYMI - End of the Week Roundup 1

Sunday, Joy couldn't make it for the show, so I got my Wife on Mars Sarah to come talk with me! We're both super impressed with how diverse the DCU shows are.

This Tuesday, we skipped Designated Survivor because Joy couldn't find it On Demand, and MacGyver because I couldn't find it On Demand, but we filled the same amount of time as usual with only three shows! Joy lost her notes so we wander around a little, but the looseness is sort of fun!

How to fill a notebook

Worksheet Wednesday and Self-directed study

Finding poetry in the non-poetic

This Sunday, there's no DCU show because of the holiday, and then we're skipping all next week's shows*, but we'll be back on Tuesday the 29th!

*both of them, listen to me trying to sound imporant

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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Finding poetry in the non-poetic

So a while ago, I discovered Austin Kleon and his blackout poetry.

And I loved it the second I saw it. I'm in love with the idea of taking things that aren't meant to be poetic and finding the poem inside them. It's amazing.

I've always been the sort to collect really good lines from songs or books in lists that're stor of like poems, but songs and books area already sort of meant to be poetic. Taking a newspaper article, or a random page of words on the back of a picture from a magazine (like the one in the header) and finding a poem in that is something else.

It requires, I think, a sort of poetic point of view. You have to be open to what's basically a secret message, even if unintended. It's something beautiful hiding in the middle of something ordinary. It's getting something artistic out of what's generally not considered an art at all.

I'm not saying I'm good at it, but it's a good exercise, I think, for keeping a creative mindset and for looking for stories, both things that are vital to a writer--and probably to just generally living a better and more beautiful life.

There's so much talk in those articles about living a better life about being positive and focusing on the good, but that feels false to me. Negativity and bad are real things that need to be dealt with, not shoved aside for scrabbling at positivity at all costs. But I think keeping an artistic view can do the same thing in a more rounded way: you can find the beauty in things generally overlooked, you can tease out the poetry from things considered not to have any. You can find the art in everyday life.

And that's a useful skill to build, don't you think?

- The poem in the header:
Each privately nursing the pain
urgent and intimate.
twists and turns of first love.
a sense of the otherworldly
tread our national faultlines
outrage at the disturbing silence
voting in - "emotional self-interest"
"and they say there are beautiful trees in Heaven"

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Leonie Dawson's 2017 Create Your Shining Year workbooks are out!

I flipping LOVE these books. I've been getting them every year for three years now, and each year the core stays the same but she boosts all the stuff around it--they look greater and more useful than ever, with more awesome pages to help you clarify what you want and how to get it than ever!

“The 2017 Create Your Shining Year Biz & Life workbooks and powerful weekly planner are incredibly popular & useful tools to help you plan out & make happen your most incredible year in life or business (or both!).
Over the last eight years, thousands of women have used these incredible goals workbooks with the most amazing results. It’s the best planning tool available to help you make 2017 your most exceptional year yet!
Used by entrepreneurs, artists, mamas, creatives, coaches, teachers and women of all ages, the Create Your Shining Year workbooks + daily diary/planner are filled with powerful worksheets to help you create your amazing new year.”

I love the way she's built a book that's for planning and goal-setting, but is centered on knowing yourself, honoring who you are, and not denying any part of you--it's a book about making your whole self better, taking better care of your life and your self, and building a life you want to live. It's so colorful and fun and deep and joyful.

If you want to get your copies through my link, digital or physical, and then send me proof of purchase, I'll send you a free one-card reading as a bonus!

-Note that this is an affiliate link; I'll get a little change for each one someone buys through my links, and possibly get a chance to win a release-party award!

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